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Using magnetostrictive transducers, Stoelting/Lewis ultrasonic cleaning systems work wonders on complex surfaces and blind holes. Choose from stand-alone batch cleaners to complete programmable, automated systems. With our complete line of electronics cleaning equipment, Stoelting Cleaning Equipment can offer you an effective solution for your cleaning problems. Visit our cleaning machine gallery to see machines that may be built for applications similar to yours. Your requirements will be unique depending upon your application, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Lewis Custom Equipment

Lewis industry specified systems such as Turbine Engine Fuel Nozzle Cleaning, Automated Indexing, Semi-Automated, etc. designed for custom cleaning applications.

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Lewis SC Strip Cleaner

Complete in-line systems clean metal strip, cable, wire, hose, and other continuous materials at speeds up to 360 fpm.

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Lewis Immersible Systems

Immersible Series adds or increases ultrasonic power to an existing tank.

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Lewis Self-Contained Cabinet Series

Ultrasonic Cleaners providing all components and accessories in one cabinet.

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Lewis Large Series

A large range of tank sizes; handles heavy workloads, long duty cycles, and aggressive chemistry. (Optional transfer holding tanks).

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Lewis Separate Series

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners offering the convenience of a separate cleaning tank and generator.

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Lewis Magnetostrictive Transducer

The Heart of Every Lewis Ultrasonic Cleaning System (designed for heavy duty, continuous operation).

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Lewis WRD Series

Powerful Ultrasonic batch cleaning, rinsing, and drying in one efficient space-saving cabinet.

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Lewis Nearfield In-Line System

Ultrasonic Cleaning System designed for high throughput and critical clean applications

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Parts Cleaning Machines Ultrasonics Parts Washing, Degreasing Equipment;

Supplier of Stoelting, Lewissonics. Parts Cleaning Ultrasonics Aqueous Components Washers, Processing Machinery and Equipment.Alvar Process Technologies has been supplying Parts Cleaning Machines Ultrasonics Parts Washing, Degreasing Equipment, machinery, processes and equipment for over 30 years.

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Parts Cleaning Machines Ultrasonics Parts Washing, Degreasing Equipment.
Alvar Process Technologies will investigate and prepare a serious proposal for anyone with a requirement for Parts Cleaning Machines Ultrasonics Parts Washing, Degreasing Equipment; Processing Machinery and Equipment operations.

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