Automatic Manual CNC Robotic Polishing Buffing Deburring Abrasive Belt Grinding
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Automatic Manual C.N.C. Robotic Polishing Buffing and Deburring Equipment

Service, Spare Parts for SM Stahl Machines.

We are suppling spares and service for the following SM Stahl Machines. SMF 350 HP 960 Variotron, Politron, Maxi, Standard, 4-Stations x-Stations

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C.N.C. Robotic Polishing and Buffing Workcells.
We supply machinery and systems for surface preparation and refinement. Deburring, Grinding, Polishing, Buffing, Brushing

Manualy operated to automatically loaded and unloaded turn-key systems.

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Delivery program Automatic / Robotic Systems ;


Delivery program Manual belt polishing / buffing machines ;

HP 960 DL / F - SMF 350 /F - SMT 300

If you would like to further investigate the advantages of automation in surface finishing, please call us, we will be happy to assist.

Years of experience

We have supplied quite a number of finishing systems for abrasive belt grinding and polishing / buffing. For over 20 years with many machines in successful operation throughout the world. Starting as a small subcontract polishing outfit, Stahl developed automatic polishing and grinding machines and copying attachments to enable more efficient completion of his own contracts. Stahl had grown over the years to become a leader in automating abrasive belt polishing and buffing.

The success of this equipment is based upon a foundation of logical and necessary operating principles.

Proven Robot Technology
The Robot must be designed to automate any finishing operation currently requiring skilled manual polishers or finishing personnel.

Complete Self Contained Operating Environment
The Robot is built into the machine frame incorporating extraction ducts , pneumatic part loading doors , illumination and emergency stop safety circuit. The Robot cell keeps noise within a comfortable 84db during grinding or polishing operations, there is no dust pollution due to the enclosed extraction environment and no possibility of operator injury.

Consistently small installation layout.
The Robot has a footprint of less than 6 m2.