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Established in 1905, Stoelting is a diversified manufacturer of food service, cleaning, cheesemaking, and process equipment. They enjoy a reputation for state-of-the-art engineering, uncompromising quality, and dedicated employees with the ability to design, manufacture and install customized systems that meet your precise specifications.

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Washing Applications Stoelting Mini Parts Washer Video.

Stoelting Incorporating LewisUltrasonics.

The recent acquisition of Lewis Ultrasonics combines a wealth of talent and experience in solving product cleaning issues with elegance and simplicity.

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Industry's Cleaning Workhorse

We are eager to demonstrate its capabilities on your product. If you feel your company can benefit from the Stoelting expertise in washing solutions , we want to hear from you ! To put the capabilities of the Stoelting units to the test , send us your samples for an evaluation.

100 Years of Experience

If you encounter a 40 year old conveyorised stainless steel throughfeed washer thats still working ! It's going to be a Stoelting. The choice of industry leaders, many fortune 500 companies have chosen Stoelting to provide the solution for the toughest cleaning jobs.

Craftsmanship in Stainless Steel

Every Stoelting Washer is fabricated from the finest quality stainless steel sheet. As Stoelting use large quantities of stainless they are able to leverage their purchasing power to tender a stainless steel washing plant range that last a lifetime and makes a sensible long term investment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Using patented magnetostrictive transducers, Stoelting's ultrasonic cleaning systems work wonders on complex surfaces and blind holes. Choose from stand-alone batch cleaners to complete, programmable, automated systems.

Open Architecture Design.

Stoelting place all the servicable components on their washers in a sensible easy to access location.